Sprout Box

Perks Partnership Agreement

The Sprout Box CoWorkers generate pride and support of the values and traditions of the Entrepreneurship World while fostering loyalty, commitment, lifelong relationships, and communication with the community, other startups and independent workers. Local and national merchant discount partners support the members of this organization while generating business with the promotion to the organization’s coworkers, startups and other entrepreneurs.

By providing a service to the Sprout Box CoWorkers, your business is guaranteed to be listed on our website, http://www.sproutbox.in/perks, as a perks partner. Other promotion possibilities include being featured on our homepage in a revolving space shared with other perks partners and identification as partner in our monthly e-newsletter The Sproutsters.

By participating in this perks partnership, your business agrees to provide the perk below to all Sprout Box CoWorkers and Sproutsters until formal 30 days written notice is given to end the perks partnership. Furthermore, we at Sprout Box reserve the right to reject or terminate any perks agreement with 30 days written notice.

Contact Details

2 + 6 = ?

* Please note, Being a Perks Partner is not needed in case you are only interested about Sponsorship / Event Partnership Opportunities

** In case no end date is mentioned, the we will assume the perk agreement continues until either party issues a 30 day written notice.

After your Application is Submitted someone from our Team will get in touch with you to let you know if your application is accepted or not.