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Sprout Box is the most supportive and dynamic community in India for early stage businesses, start-ups, and entrepreneurs of all types. In addition to office desks & office space, we have a bevy of amenities and perks that rival most Fortune 500 companies.

  • Printing Station
    Business class Printers, Scanners, Copiers are on each of our floors, always ready for you to use. Whether it is that presentation you want to share with your customer or a document you need to review while in the car.
  • Tech Support
    Wondering whether WordPress will work for you or should you look at Bootstrap, how about those errors that are confusing you when it comes to technology, worry not – with a 24×7 access to System3‘s Knowledge Team, we can offer you answers to any technology query you may have.
  • Conference Rooms
    Need to host a meeting with your customer, or just want to catch up with a partner, we have 2 conference rooms on location, each manned with a Whiteboard, markers and different seating capacities. Meet your visitors in Style
  • Office Supply Station
    Is the printing running out of paper, or the whiteboard marker running out of Ink – don’t worry, our on site Office supply store is always ready, with a staple pin to a screwdriver – whatever the need maybe
  • White Boards
    Geeks love whiteboards, and so do startups, so we have whiteboards everywhere, from Team Rooms, to Conference Rooms, to even one on our roof top cafeteria – if you believe in solving problems with a whiteboard, you will absolutely love these high quality boards.
  • Internet & WiFi
    We know how critical the Internet is today’s economy, so we have the best possible carrier grade network installed with a CAT 6 Gigabit backbone and 100 megabits per second of Internet Speeds through multiple providers, ensuring you are always connected at high speed.
  • Event Space
    Want to host an event, a meetup, a conference or how about a special interest group, speak to our community managers and they would help you setup one of our floors as an event space so that you can focus on growing your startup.
  • Happy Hours
    A casual chit chat, over a pizza and a few drinks can always make new friends. Happy Hour Fridays at SproutBox is a great evening to get together, meet the Startups at SproutBox, and outsiders and enjoy an evening of networking with friends.
  • Private Offices
    Not everyone is ready to work in a shared environment, not every business is designed to work from a Shared Environment. SproutBox Offers 3 Private Suites, a 10 People, a 7 People and a 4 People suite for you to work from your private spaces.
  • Great Locations
  • 24/7 Office Access
  • 100+ Discounts
  • Kitchen
  • Mailbox
  • Mentors