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We all love Coffee at SproutBox, and Starbucks has this amazing side to it that they have not been talking too much about. Starbucks passes on all their Grounded Coffee Beans after they are used in this brilliant little packaging called Grounds for your Garden. They give these away for free. Now one would wonder why and what do you do with it, well they say Grounded Coffee Beans provide generous amounts of phosphorus, potassium, magnesium, and copper and even release nitrogen as they break down – giving your plants energy to grow. I have been using these for a while in my home garden, and I thought maybe we could do indoor plants with it at SproutBox Gurgaon.

Since office spaces tend to become very closed, we want to make sure that our co-workers at sprout box have one of the best places to work and want to bring in plants and greenery inside – after all it is in our name to sprout. After we got our bag, we ordered some bottles, and went down to choose some plants. We had the following criteria, the plants should look pretty, survive indoors, and improve the air quality of the office, and spending time with people who know plants we came to a small selection of plants that we want to use.


the starbucks grounds for your garden bag
for the love of coffee
choosing the plants


 So to plant these we got started with a couple of rocks layered at the bottom, and filled the bottles with that, then we went ahead and added the coffee beans that starbucks gave us, mixed it with activated carbon and soil, and we were ready to plant.


Once we had them planted this is what our first batch looked like, we are still choosing which bottle gets which plant, spending some time with our plant experts to see what the office will look like.

If you are wondering what the final result will look like once we go operational, well why don’t you sign up for our open house on the 30th of May 2015, and come check them out yourselves!

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