SproutBox – My New Found Home

I believe in collaboration, Rather than competition – Cynthia Chiam

Imagine a place where many innovators sit together and work on their innovations, while interacting with each other, creating magic and building a culture.

That’s a coworking space in simple terms. Other than low-cost, flexibility and networking opportunities, a coworking space allows you to live a little.

The coworking space industry has been growing at an exponential rate, cities like Gurgaon, Bangalore, and Pune have seen a massive development in this sector. There are dozens of firms trying to struggle and find a haven in this red ocean of price wars and competitive strategies.
Offering their customers with Wi-Fi, home like environment, food and mentorship, there are still certain aspects that have been overlooked by many of them.

In a bit to outdo each other, these coworking spaces tend to overload. Honestly, my home doesn’t resemble a herding place. I don’t have 100 people working in and creating a buzz all around. My home doesn’t have queues of people lining up for getting basics. It’s peaceful. Quiet. We have a few people. Comfy rooms, and no queues. I have elders who guide me, not because it is their duty, but because they want to see me grow. They love me.
There’s, however, one place that provides this love. A place that resembles home in a literal sense. A place, which is not filled with people to the brim. A place where you can dream and work to make them realities. SPROUTBOX – literally ghar jaisa 

Gandhiji ne kaha hai yaar, Sar jhukao aur kaam karo – Navin Bansal (TVF PITCHERS)

They say, SproutBox is best experienced, so why don’t you come down and visit us some time – book a tour, and take a day of coworking free with us -whether at Delhi or at Gurgaon

Me And CoWorking – What about my Privacy

I have an office right besides where I live, it has given em the liberty of not spending time stuck in traffic between work and home, but it also brings in a bit of headache, overtime there is someone who wants to visit the family, I end up going to receive them – the frills of being a daughter in law come with it. For the last 14+ years that I have worked from this office, I end up meeting the same people, have similar conversations – I run the company, so at times I change directions of conversations, but it also brings me to worry about the office rent, the running costs, stocking of the office pantry, making sure our cleaners turn up every day to keep the office clean, at times – I felt, I just wanted to run away, be alone and work on my personal ideas, creating something new.

When Gagan and Rajeev ji were working on bringing SproutBox to life, I thought of who and why would one want to come to a coworking space, what about privacy – there are no rooms or cabins here, it is all open space, a few months later – I am wiser, here is my story.

I love going to work, I chose not to be an average housewife, but wanted to work all through my life, I believe

Going to work also gives us a reason to get up every morning, get ready and follow a schedule, which is very important to fight the ever increasing number of people suffering from depression.

Human interaction to me is the most important thing, and at times I miss this being on my desk, yes I get to meet my clients, my vendors, my team members and get to travel a lot, but then the chance of meeting someone new, hearing a new idea – is missed out. A few weeks back I started using SproutBox Coworking Space as my place to work from when in Gurgaon, spending about a day or 2 every week here, the worry of an open office with others sharing the space still remained in my mind, but all this changed – I found a perfect vendor who is helping us with a project, I am hoping to find a great customer in this space in the next few days, and who knows where this collaboration will go.

No, No one peeps over your shoulder to see what you do – after all they are here for work too. Yes there are interactions, and happy hours where you get to meet everyone, but my worry of lack of privacy was nothing but simply a worry.

What I loved about SproutBox is that it is a no-headache environment for me, the basics work all the time, whether this is the printer – that always has ink, the scanner or the Internet. Tea & Coffee is available when you want, and so is cold and hot water, the cleaning crew ensures that the place is spic and span, and I don’t need to worry about kitchen stockings, missing manpower or any of the mundane stuff – leaving me enough time to create something more. I also love the  freedom to come and go as I wanted, work on my projects without any added headache, sit on any desk – depending on my mood (though I have a favourite desk by the window on the second floor), and not be burdened with the cost of running a full office for just my Gurgaon visits twice a week.

Yes you would say, that I work from SproutBox because my husband is a CoFounder here, well that was one of the reasons to start spending time here, but now my coworkers find me here more often, alone than with Gagan. What Gagan & Rajeev have managed is amazing, the place has a great vibe to it, a great set of coworkers, startups, businesses and the whole idea of creating value together brings them along.

There are many CoWorking spaces, and you may be spoilt for choice, but before you go commit to a 6 month advance rental,  do weigh the pros and cons of the place y ou are looking at. The coworking spaces come in all sizes and with varying amenities, making it a difficult choice. The smaller ones do not offer enough exposure people wise and on the other hand one tends to feel a little lost in the places that resemble factory production lines. Some give you unlimited use of the basic things like printers, tea / coffee and recreation areas, whereas some limit it to a fixed number per month – making it very expensive if you land up paying for all the extra usage. Some look too homely – something you ran away from in the first place, and some look so formal that you feel that you are back in that 9-5 corporate culture.

My take is, go find a place that is comfortable, preferably gives unlimited usage of the basic amenities and is medium in size. Plus remember, that if you have to work in cubbyholes, you might as well work from home. The reason you are stepping out of the house is so that you can work with more people around you.

As Albert Einstein said “ We can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them.

So, go out, work in a place with people from various backgrounds, varied thinking, different ideas and who knows what beautiful results will come out of it. I have enjoyed CoWorking from SproutBox and am loving it, I hope you will too.