SproutBox – My New Found Home

I believe in collaboration, Rather than competition – Cynthia Chiam

Imagine a place where many innovators sit together and work on their innovations, while interacting with each other, creating magic and building a culture.

That’s a coworking space in simple terms. Other than low-cost, flexibility and networking opportunities, a coworking space allows you to live a little.

The coworking space industry has been growing at an exponential rate, cities like Gurgaon, Bangalore, and Pune have seen a massive development in this sector. There are dozens of firms trying to struggle and find a haven in this red ocean of price wars and competitive strategies.
Offering their customers with Wi-Fi, home like environment, food and mentorship, there are still certain aspects that have been overlooked by many of them.

In a bit to outdo each other, these coworking spaces tend to overload. Honestly, my home doesn’t resemble a herding place. I don’t have 100 people working in and creating a buzz all around. My home doesn’t have queues of people lining up for getting basics. It’s peaceful. Quiet. We have a few people. Comfy rooms, and no queues. I have elders who guide me, not because it is their duty, but because they want to see me grow. They love me.
There’s, however, one place that provides this love. A place that resembles home in a literal sense. A place, which is not filled with people to the brim. A place where you can dream and work to make them realities. SPROUTBOX – literally ghar jaisa 

Gandhiji ne kaha hai yaar, Sar jhukao aur kaam karo – Navin Bansal (TVF PITCHERS)

They say, SproutBox is best experienced, so why don’t you come down and visit us some time – book a tour, and take a day of coworking free with us -whether at Delhi or at Gurgaon