We have been rated as one of the Coolest CoWorking Spaces in India, and now we operate 2 Spaces, one in New Delhi at Okhla Industrial Area Phase 1, and the Other in Gurgaon at DLF Phase 1. SproutBox Offers fully equipped spaces and all the usual stuff (desks, comfortable ergonomic chairs, High Speed Internet Access, Flat Screen Televisions to catch up with Cricket or the latest News, Conference Rooms, Printers & Scanners, and a Fully Stocked Pantry) plus a creative atmosphere where some of the most innovative entrepreneurs come to collaborate every day.


    Our team epitomizes entrepreneurial spirit and is extremely active in the Indian start-up community. We’ve built this company over the last few weeks from the ground up and, to be honest, we haven’t even scratched the surface yet. We want people who share our passion for innovation and our drive for success. We only accept the best people. To know more about our Team Members, Click Here


    Of course! Sprout Box Day and Night Passes as we call them are available. They are priced as little as Rs. 999 and give you access to everything that makes Sprout Box different from the typical office. For SproutBox Days you can get access from 9 AM to 6 PM and for Nights you can get access from 6:30 PM to 10:30 PM, just enough time to make you want to come back again and again. To get a pass click here


    A Mix of Open and Closed Spaces, Great Design [From our Unique Desks, that were designed especially for CoWorking], to our Ergonomic Chairs – design is everywhere. We ensure that the color on the wall to the color on the floor is all matched to generate energy so that you can build your next big thing, and if you take a break – you will notice some great design all around you. Live Plants to large Glass Windows, Efficient Air Conditioners to an Amazing community that lets you focus on what you do best. We also have some amazing breakout areas, from our Roof Tops to our Break Out rooms that let you take a break when you want to – so that you can always be at the top of your game. To check out our Delhi Hub [Click Here] or for Gurgaon [Click Here].

    SproutBox is best experienced in person, so why don’t you book a tour and take a complimentary day of CoWorking from us?


    We have the coolest, most innovative, driven and the sexiest people from the startup / entrepreneurship and business world around. We pride ourselves on being more than just a space; we are a community.


    The number of events Sprout Box hosts varies by week to week, however there are at-least 2 to 3 events occurring each month at the minimum.


    Everyone! While our members have priority access to these events, and most of them attend these for free, we also sell tickets to the public for our paid events.




    Absolutely! We encourage members to use Sprout Box to host their events.


    If you want to be surrounded by people who will extend a hand to help you grow your business, then you should join SproutBox.

  • Can I use the office address on our stationery? Will it get the mail to us?

    Yes, you can use our address as your office address on your stationery, but if you want us to handle your mail – whether this is packages coming for your online shopping and or mail received for your company, we charge a fee of Rs. 500 + Service Taxes Per Month. All mail is received by our security officers on site who are there 24×7 and is stored for you in lockers till you need this.

  • Is the Plan Meant for me or can I share it with a Friend / Colleague?

    Right now we offer only named seats, that means the CoWorking space can only be used by the person who has bought it or has allocated a name for it. In case you are using our CoWorking space for a colleague in your organization and this person needs to be replaced in some time – you can intimate the community managers about it, and we can change the name on the seat. At this time we do not allow sharing of our CoWorking Spaces amongst multiple people on the same seat.

  • Phone Calls - Can you handle my Phone Calls?

    At the current time, we do not offer the service of call answering or forwarding calls. While this is only at the moment, we are working on adding this feature in the days to come [Q3 / 2017]

  • What Does High Speed Internet Mean?

    We know that in today’s day and age, Internet speed is essential for all our coworkers, and SproutBox ensures that you get a Burstable Bandwidth of 10 megabits per second on your download, and at least 2 megabits per second on your upload per person. There are no daily quotas or monthly quotas set.  In case you are a content creator and need higher upload speeds, this is possible with a simple request – just reach out to one of our community managers and they will work with our Tech Support team to get this done.

  • What Does Tech Support Included Mean?

    SproutBox through its strategic partnership with the System 3 Group [India’s Oldest Technology Services Company] offers you not only 24×7 Helpdesk support as a part of your membership, whether this is to help you setup your cloud files infrastructure, or a query on how to setup an application. Setting up of Printers, Helping you get online and even at times helping you get your WordPress website is all offered through this partnership at a special members-only pricing. System 3 Hosting, also offers priority pricing for its Enterprise Hosting plans for all our members.

  • Can I leave my stuff behind, or do I have to take it home with me each day?

    While SproutBox is a Shared Office space, we also understand and do not want you to lug around files and a heavy bag every day. We have various storage lockers available on site, and you can hire one for as little as Rs. 500 + Service Taxes per month. The key to this storage locker is only with you and you can store whatever you want here (though we recommend you do not store valuables such as jewelry or laptops in these storage lockers).

    Some of our Plans, such as the Executive Dedicated Plan at our Delhi Hub comes with a Wheeled in Storage Locker that is under your desk, and you can always use this for your storage needs.

  • Do you charge for Printouts, and Photocopies?

    SproutBox offers Shared Printers, Scanners and Copiers across all our floors and all our facilities. While we do not really charge per print, but we request you to remember that these are shared resources, and should only be used when there is a need. This means do not print the homework for your child, or waste paper in printing unnecessary documents.

  • Can I put a Desktop or a Large Screen Monitor?

    SproutBox believes in the True Essence of CoWorking, that means we want you to meet and create with your coworkers, and to do this you should have a flexible desk. But if it means you want to leave a Monitor or a Computer behind, we are happy giving you a dedicated desk – do check with the community manager for the availability of dedicated desks and or if any charge is there. While SproutBox maintains a 24×7 uninterrupted Power supply using Diesel generators, if you are going to be using a Desktop – we suggest you also bring in a UPS.

  • Where do I meet the guests who come to meet me?

    You can always book the Conference room and meet them in the Conference room. Across our facility, we have various conference rooms in each building, and you are given access to these room as a part of your plan. In case your Conference Hours are over or if you did not book a Conference Room, you can always meet your guests in our Breakout Areas and or our Open Areas.

  • Do I Pay for Tea & Coffee or Water for my Guests?

    Absolutely no, it is on the house.

  • Can I use the Televisions in the Conference rooms to make a Presentation?

    Yes, that is why they are there. Though they have a Sattelite TV connection in them too, just in case you wanted to catch up with the News or your favorite sports, we offer a wireless projection system using the latest Google Chromecasts, so you can wirelessly project. In case you don’t’ want to do this and hook up your laptop the old way – talk to our community managers and they will be happy to help you with an HDMI Cable to connect your machine to the Television.

  • What all is included in the Conference Room?

    The Conference room is a fully functional unit inside of SproutBox to help you get the best out of your meetings. Our rooms include a Whiteboard and Markers for you to have a fruitful discussion, chairs for your guests and you and powerpoints to ensure everyone is powered up. You can request the Facility Managers on site to request Pantry Team to serve you Tea / Coffee and or Water in the Conference Room. In case you require some snacks to be served, do place an order for them separately.