Fair Use Policy & Acceptable Behavior

For purposes of this document, any guest brought into the coworking space will be required to abide by the acceptable and fair use policy as if they were a Member.


Loss or injury to any member or to any guests or to any goods or property of theirs, on the premises of SproutBox, shall not give rise to any claim against SproutBox or any employee.


In the event of any dispute arising as to the meaning or interpretation of these rules, the matter shall be referred to the SproutBox Co-founders / Management Team / Directors / Partners, whose decision shall be final.


As the collective grows and services are added, the Acceptable and Fair Use Policies will be updated. SproutBox has the right to amend these rules from time to time as required by applicable law or the needs of the membership and SproutBox offering. This is to ensure everyone is able to function in a positive space that allows them to grow their business. All concerns over these policies and future changes will be directed to our customer care id at care@sproutbox.in


While on the property of SproutBox, members shall act in a manner that is respectful and courteous to other members, guests, members of staff at SproutBox + third parties. Members shall not act in a manner that is harmful, abusive or offensive. Failure to act in a way that is respectful will result in immediate termination of membership and exclusion from the property. Any member deemed to be infringing on the rules or engaging in misconduct will be required to explain themselves to the SproutBox Management Team. Complaints of misbehavior should be made in writing to SproutBox. Misconduct includes the use of illicit drugs, theft or damage to any SproutBox property or any infringement of the acceptable use policy. Remember others may perceive what you think funny, differently.


Members and guests should dress comfortably, in a manner that reflects their own personal style. While bad style is not a disciplinary offense the line must be drawn somewhere; therefore, swimwear, pajama wear + hangover attire are not permitted.


There is zero tolerance for sexual harassment at SproutBox. If you are feeling harassed by any member, inform the member of your feelings and submit a detailed account of the situation to the Community Manager on site or our Customer Care team at care@sproutbox.in or immediately call and report on our central help-desk at +91.93192.11223


Due to the open nature of SproutBox, all members are requested to keep their desks neat, and free of garbage. At the end of the night, be sure to return all glassware to the kitchen for cleaning, and place all waste in the appropriate receptacles. All Dedicated Desk members will be provided with a key to their lockable cabinet. It is the responsibility of the Member to keep valuables secure. All Hot Desk Members are required to tidy up the space they’ve used and leave it ready for the next member.


There is WIFI access available throughout SproutBox for members and their guests. All users are asked to be mindful of upload and download bandwidth usage. SproutBox does not tolerate the viewing, uploading, downloading or sharing of pornographic or offensive material or tolerate any illegal file sharing or downloading of pirated software, films, television and the like. WIFI access is not guaranteed by SproutBox at all times and may periodically be unavailable during network maintenance or telecom outage.


When printing think twice before hitting cmd+P (or CTRL+P if you are in the Windows World). As nice as a warm, fresh laser print is, we want to reduce our impact on the environment. Members are allowed “unlimited black and white printing”. However, printing to should be kept to low volume runs. No printing of mass marketing materials (posters, pamphlets) is permitted. If you’re in need of large volume printing check with the Front Desk for some of our recommended print options in the neighborhood.


While we may not all work directly with each other in business, the one area where we can pull together is keeping the common areas clean. Aside from the washrooms, the most important space to maintain is the kitchen/pantry areas. Please follow the following when it comes to using the kitchen:

  • Rinse all dirty dish-ware before placing it into the washing bin.
  • Place all waste in the appropriate garbage, recycling, and organic bins.
  • Place a provided name label on all items being placed in the fridge.
  • Each Saturday at 6 PM the fridge will be emptied of all food items. Be sure to take home your food and containers before Saturday night.


It’s important to stay hydrated, so we provide plenty of options for our members to do so. Coffee, Tea, and Water are all available to take care of your thirst quenching needs. While doing so we ask a few things:

  • Members are welcome to consume all beverages on site.
  • No beverages supplied by SproutBox are to leave the premises. This means not taking cases of product home.
  • Members found to be removing the product from the building will be subject to enforcement procedures.
  • Members will notify any of the SproutBox team of any issues with regards to beverages, such as nonfunctioning equipment, or low stock levels.
  • All bottles and cans are to be placed in the recycling receptacles.
  • All glassware is to be placed in the dish washing areas when finished with.


SproutBox does not permit consumption of Alcoholic Beverages in the CoWorking Space. While at a Mixer or a Party that is organized, there maybe Alcoholic Beverages served, this is bound by the Licence requirement and permits from the Government. Independent consumption of alcohol is not allowed, and in a case, a member is found to be consuming alcohol or in an inebriated stage, SproutBox team may ask the member to be removed from the premises, and can in desperate circumstances even cancel membership.

In case you and your team are throwing a team party and would like to invite members for an evening that includes Alcoholic Beverages, it is recommended that you discuss with our community team, get the proper licence / permits, and then only serve alcoholic beverages in areas, that our team has specifically permitted/notified the Government Authorities.


While you may have clients and others on site for meetings, guests are those who you invite to work in the space with you, outside of the conference room usage.

  • Guests are permitted to access the lounges, meeting rooms and other common meeting spaces.
  • Guests are Welcome during public hours 9 AM to 6 PM Monday to Saturday.
  • All guests will be required to sign in with the front desk upon arrival.
  • Each guest will be allowed to visit for a total of 2 days in a 12 month period before they are required to purchase a drop in pass or membership. • All guests must vacate the building by 6 PM unless approved by the Front Desk.
  • No guests are permitted in the building past 6 PM.
  • Members are responsible for their guest’s behavior and actions. Any damage, theft or accidents caused by guests will be remedied at the cost of the Member.


The meeting rooms at SproutBox are a shared resource. This means we need to respect the booking of these spaces. Please check YaRooms for the availability of the room. Please book any meetings in the respective meeting room you need, through YaRooms. All memberships come with a monthly allotment of meeting room time. All bookings must be cancelled with at least 24 hour notice to avoid credits being used or overages being charged. Any usage of the meeting room above monthly allotted time will be invoiced on your next invoice. Please ensure that the door is closed during your meetings and be aware of your noise level. Respect a closed door and do not enter unless invited in. When your meeting is complete, please remove all waste to its proper receptacles and place all glassware in the kitchen/pantry. If you find any deficiencies in equipment, please report it to the Front Desk / Community Management team as soon as possible


While we absolutely encourage getting to know your fellow coworkers and collaborate with them, we just ask that you please be mindful of your noise level so not to disrupt other member working away on their projects. With the above in mind, we are also not a library and there is no expectation for complete silence.


No member shall use, ingest, possess or distribute illegal drugs, or use, possess or distribute any drugs in an illegal manner while on SproutBox premises. Any member found to be in violation of this policy will be asked to leave immediately and may have their membership revoked with no right of appeal. Members are responsible for their guests’ behavior and if guests are found to be in violation of this policy they will be asked to leave immediately. The member who signed them in will be subject to SproutBox’s disciplinary procedures and his/her membership may be revoked.


When in SproutBox, phone ringers must be switched off or put on silent or vibrating mode. Please be aware of your volume level and use of vulgar language when making calls in the common spaces. Avoid using speakerphone in the open desk and common areas. If the meeting rooms are available, please feel free to take your calls there.


Members’ ideas, thought and complaints shall be put in writing to a Co-founder or Front Desk and will be fully considered. If a member has any suggestions of ways in which any aspect of SproutBox might be improved please tell our Community Managers, all feedback will be considered as inputs for expanding our services to our coworkers.


Animals must be registered as an animal member in the space. Please contact one of the Community Managers with regards to an animal membership. Pets are not permitted to be on the furniture or carpeted areas, no exceptions are made on this.


If you have lost an item while at SproutBox, please immediately report the lost item to the Front Desk. When a lost item is found by SproutBox, it shall be kept in the lost and found for one month. If the owner can be identified, SproutBox will report it immediately. After the one-month period expires, SproutBox will dispose of the property. Please note that SproutBox will bear no responsibility for the loss of any property by members or guests.


Suspending a member can occur as a removal from the space or a temporary suspension of access. Any Management Team Member of SproutBox may temporarily exclude or eject any member or guest whose behavior he/she considers in his/her discretion to amount to misconduct, such as public intoxication or violent outbursts. Such suspension may lead to further disciplinary action. SproutBox has the right to exclude any guest without stating a reason.


Should a member infringe the rules of SproutBox or make him or herself obnoxious to another member or be considered guilty of misconduct in SproutBox or in public, he or she may be required to furnish an explanation to the Co-founders and/or risk disciplinary action, including termination of their License Agreement. Conduct that is prejudicial to the reputation and character of SproutBox may result in expulsion. Such conduct may include violent or abusive behavior, the endangerment of the safety of others and the communication of information concerning SproutBox, members or their guests’ affairs to the media and the general public.