Well I am back in Mysore, for some review meetings, and it’s that time of the year when the City is looking beautiful. Dasara (Dussehra) in Mysore is amongst the biggest festivals. With the whole city lighted up, municipality busy keeping the streets clean for all the tourists and the citizen, to festivities and events keeping people busy, Mysore is a top destination to visit around this time of the year. Though, it is also the time where the Hotels and Flights to Mysore peak up on their pricing. Albeit, we at SproutBox are here to keep our pricing in check.

Mysore offers a great mix of relaxation, rejuvenation, learning, and even fun. Here are amongst top 4 things you must do when you are Coworking with us from SproutBox Mysore.

Visit the Third Largest Nandi in India when in Mysore

  1. The Third Largest Nandi in India:  If you peep outside our Large Arched Windows you see a Beautiful hill at the Back. That is the Chamundi Hills. This 1062 Meter high hill is crowned with the Sri Chamundeswari Temple. A Half a Day hike if you want to walk up (and yes Mysore weather allows you to do), or a cab ride from SproutBox can get you there. Some of the days the temple is crowded so plan for that time, and when you are going in buy some lotus and other flowers to give to the goddess. On your way back, stop and visit the Third largest Nandi, and look back at the city and see if you can locate Mall of Mysore, the building in which SproutBox is located (Clue is in the picture).Local Delicacies in Mysore
  2.  Eat Local Food: Mysore is Foodie heaven, with a variety of local food both vegetarian and non-vegetarian, you would fall in love with the simplicity of food here. There are international brands, to international foods available, but amongst one of my favourites when in Mysore is the “Egg Biryani” available right here in the Mall of Mysore on the Food court, saving you time from looking for food options when you Cowork from here. Other than the Egg Biryani is the South Indian Thali, my favourite and the one in the picture is from Anima Madhva Bhavan, about a 10 minute drive from Sproutbox Mysore, and this is unmissable when you are here.Visit the Lalitha Mahal Palace, when CoWorking from Sproutbox Mysore
  3. Looks Like the White House: Built  to host the Viceroy of India on his visit to Mysore, The Lalitha Mahal Palace is now a hotel run by the State Department. While the hotel is not something I personally recommend you stay at, it is a beautiful site to visit. Whenever I have shared pictures of the Lalitha Mahal people dis-agree that this is a building in India, let alone mysore, but then you have to come and visit it. When you are there, try to get a sneak peak at the victorian era elevator – sadly you can only use it if you are a guest. If you use our Private Suite #1 at Sproutbox Mysore you can see the Lalitha Mahal Palace everyday when you look out the Windows – it is also amongst one of my favourite places to work from when in Mysore. The views of lush green trees, red flowers and the Lalitha palace in the end are breath-taking, and also breath-taking is the beautiful swimming pool right next door at the Radisson Hotel. Want to go for a dip – speak to our community managers, and they will help you get this aligned.Visit St. Philomena’s Cathedral
  4. The Tallest Church in India: Constructed back in 1936 using  a Neo Gothic style, the St. Philomena’s Cathedral‘s architecture is inspired by the Cologne Cathedral in Germany. The floor plan of the cathedral resembles a cross. The long part of the cross is congregation hall called the nave. The two arms of the cross are the transepts. The part containing the altar and the choir is the crossing. The cathedral has a crypt that houses a statue of St. Philomena. The twin spires of the church are 175 feet (53 m) in height and they resemble the spires of the Cologne Cathedral and also the spires of the St. Patrick’s Church in New York City.

There are many more things you can do, which include the standard things, but these are amongst the top 4 things, that you should get to when you are here. Whether you are here for a day and need an office space to upload those videos you shot, or here for a quick meeting and need a meeting room, SproutBox has a solution. Also, when you are Coworking here and need recommendations on something to do, our Community Managers are more than happy to help. See you CoWorking in Mysore

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Gagandeep Singh Sapra

Co-Founder, SproutBox

Gagan is a serial entrepreneur and one of the early investors in SproutBox. He runs multiple companies, and is always around to help our startups and enterprise customers with connects, to helping them build larger communities.

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