Message From Our Community Management Office

Thank you for Choosing SproutBox as your CoWorking Space. SproutBox is taking every measure to ensure Safety, Preparedness and Business Continuity at all it’s CoWorking Spaces. As you are aware that COVID-19 (Corona) Virus has been declared a Pandemic and the situation needs utmost control. 

Business Continuity: 
SproutBox is a Part of the System 3 Group and is Following COVID-19 PREP and BCP as per Group Policy available at our Group’s COVID-19 Web Page
Information, Awareness and Action Steps
  • SproutBox has put Posters about COVID-19 Across all our Facilities
  • Hand Sanitisers are available in all public Areas (Reception, Guard Desk, Cafetaria, Meeting Rooms) for use – Please do not carry these away with you.
  • History of all visitors is now being noted down as a Standard Process at Gate
  • Courier Agents, Delivery Agents and unknown members are screened at Gate by Thermal Scanners, and Denied Entry if found to be running Fever
  • All Maintenance And House Keeping Staff is now wearing Masks, and in case of any symptoms is being Quarantined accordingly.
  • All Public Surfaces (Door Handles, Door Knobs, Flooring, Handrails) etc are being Cleaned and Sanitise
How Can You Help
  • Please avoid un-necessary meetings and get-togethers for the next few days, while all our meeting rooms are sanitised, it is important to ensure a safety first attitude is adopted at this moment.
  • Please ensure your Staff / Teams have Hand Sanitisers (You will need to do this on your Own)
  • Hold a Briefing Meeting with your Staff on Do’s and Don’ts
  • Please ensure your Staff is Sanitising all Shared Workstations before they start work. This is not something that SproutBox can do due to the nature of your Material, and Privacy of your Spaces
  • Please ensure a minimum 1 Meter Distance when talking to someone
  • Please Help Security Staff do Thermal Scanning at Entry, this will create a Queue but this is an important step. For Teams with over 10 People, we request you carry out the Thermal Scanning in your Teams yourself to avoid Queue formations at Entry
  • Please ensure Timely Payments to Vendors, Employees and to SproutBox so that people do not have limitation of funds during this emergency.
  • Please setup your OWN BPC Processes so that your team members if they need to Self Quarantine can be in touch with your Vital Business Units
Important Reminders
  • Washing Hands for 25 seconds with Soap is a Better thing than Sanitising
  • IF you see any symptoms or feel sick – Please self Quarantine yourself. This is also Flu Season, and the chances of mix up of symptoms is easy.
  • Use Namaste instead of a Handshake when meeting people
We are here to Help you, we request you to feel free to email us at at our Care ID for any questions you may have.
01st Jan 2021

Year 2020 was full of confusion, lockdowns, and things going out of control for quite a few of us at our personal levels. SproutBox is committed to stand with it’s coworkers, and has been fully operational. As we start 2021, we welcome you back to an amazing year together, and are taking every step to keep you safe, and working through this year.

01st JUNE 2020

As of 31st May 2020 – The Hon. Prime Minister of India has announced the opening of cities and businesses. Since SproutBox facilities are now open as of May 2020. This page will no longer be updated.

SproutBox has announced a SESAP to support its CoWorkers, and request you to talk to our Community Managers for any clarifications with SESAP.

20th May 2020

Our Mysore Facility is now open to Everyone, including your Guests. Please note all our facilities will be checking for Temperature for our CoWorkers and their Guests and will be sanitized daily. Due to restrictions of Lockdown in the 4th Phase, our Facilities will be open only from 9 AM to 6 PM.

18th May 2020

Our Delhi Facility is now Open to Everyone, including your Guests. All CoWorkers and Guests entering will be checked for Temperature, and Facilities will be open only between 9 AM to 6 PM as per the Restrictions of the 4th Phase of Lockdown. Delhi facility is now open for 100% of our Capacity.

17th May 2020

The 3rd Edition of the Lockdown has come to an end, and now within this week as Public Transport opens, our Facilities can be used as per guidelines issued by the government. As per government data, now offices in Delhi can be operated at 100% capacity, while we await data from Karnataka.

2nd May 2020

The Union government of India has decided to extend the lockdown for another two weeks with now the New Date of Ending as 17th May 2020. During this time Cities have been divided into Zones, and Both Mysore and Delhi are Red Zone, with limitations on operations. Please speak to our Community Managers to see how you can use SproutBox during this phase of lockdown

14th April 2020

The Hon. Prime Minister of India, Sh. Narender Modi has announced an extension to the Lockdown by a Period of 21 Days ending on the 3rd May 2020. SproutBox Facilities are operational and are accessible to those with Government Permissions / Curfew Passes.

26th March 2020

Please note, our faciltiies are accessible to our Coworking Members who have respective permissions / curfew passes from the Government Authorities. In case you need to understand the procedure for applying for these passes – please connect with our community managers.

24th March 2020

As per the announcement by the Honourable Prime Minister of India, towards the COVID-19 Action plan, please note SPROUTBOX COWORKING SPACES will temporarily be closed for public / coworker access till the 15th of April 2020.

22nd March 2020

As per announcements by the Hon. CM of Delhi, SproutBox Okhla will remain closed till the 31st of March 2020.

20th March 2020

Please note, SproutBox New Delhi (Okhla) Hub will stay closed on the 22nd of December 2020 for “Citizen Curfew” Announced by the HON. PM to Control Spread of COVID-19

18th March 2020

Please note, SproutBox Mysore is Closed till 31st March 2020 as per Orders from the Hon. CM of Keeping Malls Closed

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