About SproutBox

SproutBox is the community of creators, freelancers, businesses and startups. We provide the space, community and services our members need to succeed with their startups, and not just create a living.

We are a group of entrepreneurial, grateful individuals who believe in the idea of working together in everything we do. Our success is the result of our collaboration of our outstanding team members who always challenge what will typically be called conventional. We are now 2 Years old, with our First CoWorking space setup in Gurgaon, and now our Delhi Hub is also operational, we are adding more cities and our plans are now to open Spaces across Chandigarh, Goa and Jaipur in our Next Growth.

SproutBox transforms a regular building into a beautiful, collaborative workspace that provides infrastructure, services, events and technology so that our members can focus on what they love to do. Aggregating the needs of our members enables us to offer them a variety of support services , at a value that would otherwise be unavailable to them – and we are always willing to walk an extra mile to help them in their effort to build a sustainable business and successful lives.

We are hungry to build greater spaces, empower small businesses, connect interesting people and our journey is just about starting. Our values of Being Inspired, Thinking like an Entrepreneur, Being Authentic to our Brand, Mission & Values, Being Tenacious, Being Grateful and Working Together help us drive this growth.